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June 13, 2012 / janesezso

Conservatism Rising

Never thought I’d see the day that liberals and Democrats would see the light and the error of their Party’s ways and leave in droves to join conservatives.  We welcome them with open arms.  Finally, it seems, common sense is returning to our country and to those who have been led astray by the radical left and their twisted agenda.  No longer are people seeming to be asleep and content with watching their country degrade and be destroyed by the communists who have infiltrated every corner of American life.  From the educational process to government and high political office to the judicial system and into the public unions.  Corruption has spread like wildfire, a disease, adversely affecting the very core fibers that have made our country great. Communism and its vile rule will hopefully be snuffed out in the highly-anticipated November election.. or at least be a definitive and important step towards its annihilation.  Yet, even with all the reports from so many news sources that say otherwise, President Obama maintains that, “the American people generally agree with our vision.”  What American people, Mr. President?  Are these people composite people? like the composite girlfriend in your book, “Dreams from my Father?” or do you continue to ignore her citizenry as you have done throughout your entire presidency?  Keep your blinders on, Mr. President, and only see what you want to see and believe what you want to believe because November will be here in no time. If the 2010 election results and the failed recall of Gov. Scott Walker didn’t teach you anything, American voices will be heard.  And it will be a great day for America indeed.

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